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Zope でユーティリティやらアダプタやらファクトリやら ZCML から登録しますが、等価なコードは* を利用することで実現できます。

しかし、zope.component は登録の解除をサポートしていないので ztapi にも remove* とか unprovide* とかありませんが、適当に作って登録してしまえ。

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# all registration codes in zope.interface.adapter
from zope.interface import Interface
from import zapi
from import ztapi
def removeAdapter(required, provided, factory, name = u'', with = ()):
gsm = zapi.getGlobalSiteManager()
if isinstance(factory, (list, tuple, )):
raise ValueError("Factory cannot be a list or tuple")
if with:
required = (required, ) + tuple(with)
elif not isinstance(required, (list, tuple, )):
required = (required, )
# remove registration
key = (required, provided, name, )
if key in gsm._registrations:
from import AdapterRegistration
value = gsm._registrations[key]
if isinstance(value, AdapterRegistration) and value.value is factory:
del gsm._registrations[key]
if required:
with = []
for iface in required[1:]:
if iface is None:
iface = Interface
with = tuple(with)
repository = gsm._registrations.get(required[0])
with = ()
repository = gsm._registrations._null
if repository is None:
repository = gsm.adapters._default
key = (False, tuple(with), name, provided, )
if key in repository.adapters and repository.adapters[key] is factory:
del repository.adapters[key]
def removeMultiView(for_, type, providing, name, factory, layer = None):
if layer is None:
layer = type
ztapi.removeAdapter(for_[0], providing, factory, name, tuple(for_[1:]) + (layer, ))
def removeNamespaceHandler(name, handler):
from import ITraversable
ztapi.removeAdapter(None, ITraversable, handler, name = name)
ztapi.removeView(None, None, ITraversable, name, handler)
def removeService(name, service, interface = None):
from zope.component.interfaces import IService, IServiceDefinition
if interface is not None:
ztapi.removeUtility(IServiceDefinition, (name, interface, ), name)
component = service
ztapi.removeUtility(IService, component, name)
def removeUtility(provided, component, name = u''):
gsm = zapi.getGlobalSiteManager()
repository = gsm.utilities._null
# remove null adapter
key = (False, (), name, provided, )
if key in repository.adapters:
value = repository.adapters[key]
if value is component:
del repository.adapters[key]
# remove subscriptions
key = (True, (), '', provided, )
if key in repository.adapters:
value = tuple(factory for factory in repository.adapters[key] if factory is not component)
repository.adapters[key] = value
# refresh cache
# remove registration
key = (provided, name, )
if key in gsm._registrations:
from import UtilityRegistration
value = gsm._registrations[key]
if isinstance(value, UtilityRegistration) and value.component is component:
del gsm._registrations[key]
def removeView(for_, type, providing, name, factory, layer = None):
if layer is None:
layer = type
ztapi.removeAdapter(for_, providing, factory, name, (layer, ))
repository = (
for func in repository:
if hasattr(ztapi, func.func_name):
print 'Warning: %s.%s is rewrote.' % (ztapi.__name__, func.func_name, )
setattr(ztapi, func.func_name, func)